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Wayne Lehrer is a great teacher because he is a great student. He has done a masterful job distilling a lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom into his coaching and his book. He marries the ancient wisdoms with contemporary sage insights and heartfelt support in an engaging style that entices his clients to think, grow and change.

Helena Kriel 
BestSelling Author Meditating With Rhinos

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Free 30 minute Discovery Session

Beginning a new endeavor?    *     In a challenging transition?
Concluding a stage of life?     
   Feeling overwhelme
d by What If's and What’s Next’s?

Wayne offers Two Avenues of Coaching

Life Coaching

I will help you:

  • Re-Define Your Purpose
    What’s Your Why, Values, Mission

  • Clarify Your Objectives
    Think outside the Box, Define priorities

  • Map a New Direction
    Make it real, Chunk it down, Create a path 

  • Create Accountability
    Set Timelines, Deadlines and Agreements 

  • Recalibrate
    Problem Solve, Course Correct, Hit re-set

  • Achieve Your Goals
    Surrender perfection, Re-imagine Success​

  •  Celebrate Your Wins
    Practice acceptance, Enjoy the journey 

Conscious Aging Coaching: 

I will help you:

  • Thru Life Transitions
    Retirement, Loss, Empty Nest

  • Face Issues of Aging
    Health, Finance, Isolation, Loss of Hope

  • Let Go of the Past
    Surrender old stories, beliefs, expectations

  • Own Your Power
    What’s Achievable? Embrace Non-Negotiables!

  • Define Your New Life
    Wellness, Balance, Community, Intimacy

  • Identify Your “Third Act” Dreams
    Purpose, Projects, Hopes, Legacy

  • Embrace the Now
    Spirituality, Walk in Gratitude, The Joy of Living!

Coaching Overview

THE VISION: We start by clarifying your purpose; illuminating your gifts, talents and passions; and setting your intentions. We then define your "why" and align your goals with your mission statement. Finally we hone in on exactly what you need to do to achieve it.

THE PATH: Once you’ve defined your Vision and Intentions, we generate a map that includes your personal and career destinations. We plan your itinerary with attainable goals and create benchmarks to chart your progress. By illuminating your Path your life will follow a purpose-filled course.

THE JOURNEY: On The Journey I serve as your GPS system by providing navigation and course correction; helping you solve problems, strategize and create accountability. I become a trusted ally you can depend on for strength, clarity and inspiration.

THE GOAL: Once you’ve generated momentum and begun achieving your initial goals, the focus shifts to redefining your vision; realigning your actions and intentions with your expanding purpose; and reimagining the big picture in light of your highest intentions.

About Wayne: 

Wayne brings an extraordinary range of life-experiences to his coaching sessions. In his 73 years he has lived a dozen lives:  Imax filmmaker, World's Fair & Theme Park Designer, Master Yoga & Meditation teacher (trained hundreds of teachers), Author, Leader of International Seminars & Executive Retreats, Oriental Medicine practitioner and Entrepreneur. In addition, Wayne has dedicated his entire life to researching holistic health, longevity, emotional intelligence,  the principles of Authentic Happiness and living with purpose.


It is the knowledge, wisdom and experience gleaned from these and from his two books — The Prodigy Within and The Art of Conscious Aging — that make Wayne the supportive guide, creative collaborative, and trusted co-creator that you will want on your team and in your corner.

Ultimately, what uniquely qualifies Wayne to be your coach is that he embodies the principles he teaches. Deep into his Third Act he’s: curious, takes risks, forms inspiring relationships, builds community, enjoys authentic happiness, walks in gratitude, seeks to give back and through his work pays it forward.

“Wayne has given me a new sense of freedom as I better understand this stage of my life.  I am forever grateful for my flourishing relationships and the quality life choices I now make as a result of putting into practice the simple suggestions offered in our conversations and in his book."

Dustin Hayward,

Client and Boat Captain

Wayne Lehrer’s role in my life has varied: guide, collaborator, voice of common sense and friend. His superpower is his ability to entice us towards looking at things in ways that we, weren’t aware of or have ignored or avoided.  There are no shortage of treatises on the aging, but only The Art of Conscious Aging make the leap from learned and insightful to wise and transformative.    


Alan Burgess 

There are teachers and then there is Wayne.  His deep insights and joyful and witty “Wayne-isms” make him one of the greatest spiritual mentors in my life. His book takes me straight to my inner core by sharing suggestions on how to be more mindful and aware in my daily life.    


Jackie Subeck, 
Client and Classical Musician

"I find myself frequently treating individuals who are experiencing anxiety and depression as they transition from one life stage to another. Wayne is my go-to guy for these clients. He possesses a deep, profound understanding of the trials of reinventing one's purpose and identity, and he artfully communicates this in a way that feels personal to each patient. His book is a beacon."


Warren Boone MD, 
Director of KetaMed Clinics

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Free 30 minute Discovery Session

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