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The Art of Conscious Aging

I am on a mission to make the 3rd Act of your life (no matter what your age) a time of authentic happiness, radical acceptance, meaningful relationships and awakening to one’s legacy.

A Big Promise? Yes

A Tangible Reality?  Definitely!

A Worthwhile Undertaking? No Doubt! 

A Revolutionary Premise? Consider the Alternatives!

Coming Soon!

“As the Dean of the only school of gerontology in the nation, I am inundated with books about aging which are proliferating as fast as the population of seniors in the country is growing. The Seven Gifts of Conscious Aging is preparing us for this so called “Silver Tsunami.” I truly believe that there is a blueprint here to help people enjoy more meaningful, purposeful lives that will positively affect multiple generations. “ 

Pinchus Cohen, M.D. PhD (67)

Dean of USC School of Gerontology

Jeannine English (62)
Former President, AARP
“This book is a gift for those of us who hope to embrace our New Third Acts in a different, more meaningful way. Wayne provides us with a step-by-step guide to rethinking our own growth, embracing our mortality and providing the opportunity for this final life stage to be the most  fulfilling, richest and exciting period in our hopefully long productive lives” 
Kathy Smith (70)
World Renowned Fitness Expert
“This book is about getting real! It is practical, inspiring and wise, offering skills, tools, and a deep heart-centered perspective. We all need this wisdom to live well, to be spirited, and caring, and gracious as we age.”
Susan Fleischman (65)
Chief Med Off, Blue Shield of California
The 7 Gifts of Conscious Aging is a deeply powerful and transformative book. Wayne writes with wisdom, clarity, practicality and oh so importantly, humor. There are so many of us Baby Boomers with a need for straight talk and guidance as to how to navigate this Third Act of our lives. This book does exactly that. I think this is a MUST read.
Mary Crosby  (63)
Actress, Dallas
Every stage actor knows the most important part of any play is their exit … the Third Act. Wayne has done us one better with Conscious Aging – It is the essential roadmap for the final act.
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