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Seminars, Workshops and Retreats

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"The workshop with Wayne was a deeply powerful and transformative experience giving me some tools to live the last part of my life in a creative, constructive and joyous fashion. It encouraged me to make this the most wonderful stage of my life.

Wayne leads with wisdom, clarity, practicality and oh so importantly, humor. There are so many of us Baby Boomers out there with a need for some straight talk and guidance as to how to navigate this 3rd Act of our lives."

Over the last 40 years I’ve offered a wide variety of Events; seminars, workshops, speaking engagements and spiritual retreats. I’ve led yoga retreats in Ojai California and executive retreats at Mammoth Mountain; taken groups on transformational journeys to India, taught The Art of Conscious Aging to organizations, churches and online and created ongoing series of three-day workshops on Authentic Happiness in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. 


In each of these Events I discovered that the most powerful thing that occurs is guiding a group to experience a radical shift in the way they perceive their life and circumstances. 

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In fact, I believe that no single event can change your life but what it can do is create a positive shift in your perception, a transformation of your thinking and an expansion of what you believe is possible. When this occurs, and it does at our events — YOU change your life. As a result of the Shift we have co-created you begin making healthier decisions, changing old and outdated habit patterns and allow hope and inspiration to enliven your visions, dreams and goals.

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge that:1) your past does not determine your future; 2) you have always been moving towards who you really are; 3) that all you need is right in front of you and within your grasp and 4) that the “rest of your life can be the best of your life.”

Conscious Aging workshops Tailored to your audience




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