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The Art of Conscious Aging

I am on a mission to make the THIRD ACT of your life (no matter what your age) a time of authentic happiness, radical acceptance, meaningful relationships and awakening to one’s legacy.

A Big Promise ... YES!

A Tangible Reality ... DEFINITELY!

A Worthwhile Undertaking ... NO DOUBT! 

A Revolutionary Premise ... CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVES !

Coming Soon!

Jeannine English
Former President, AARP
“This book is a gift for those of us who hope to embrace our New Third Acts in a different, more meaningful way. Wayne provides us with a step-by-step guide to rethinking our own growth, embracing our mortality and providing the opportunity for this final life stage to be the most  fulfilling, richest and exciting period in our hopefully long productive lives” 
Jack Kornfield,
Author 'A Path With Heart'
and Buddhist Teacher
“This book is about getting real! It is practical, inspiring and wise, offering skills, tools, and a deep heart-centered perspective. We all need this wisdom to live well, to be spirited, and caring, and gracious as we age.”
Kathy Smith
World Renowned Fitness Expert
“Wow, what an accomplishment. Loved it and found myself smiling with a renewed sense of self love… Wayne’s new book presents the revolutionary idea that The Art of Conscious Aging can guide you on a journey toward a deeper understanding of yourself as you step into this next phase of life.  It is a beautiful encouragement, with daily practices, that can soften your fears and open your heart to the most transformative time of your life…the Third Act.  Practicing the Art of Conscious Aging might just make getting older and wiser  the best time of our lives.”
Susan Fleischman
Chief Med Off, Blue Shield of California
“As the Medical Director for Kaiser Permanente I am in a position to see the aging process and programs, good and not-so-good, first hand every day. Diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle issues have each been presented in books, but what Wayne Lehrer has created is a definitive guide on how to approach aging as both an unavoidable reality and a gateway to a time of continued growth, transformational opportunities and awakening. Reading Wayne’s book has shifted my thinking in a way I will be forever grateful for.”
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