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Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies Are the Gift that Keeps on Giving.
Each Fortune Cookie is  a provocative, uplifting and thought-provoking daily meditation. Each Fortune Cookie offers challenging, uplifting and dynamic insights to support you throughout the year to accept your past, embrace your present and dare to dream of an inspiring future.

Win the Morning and Win the Day

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Giving is the Gift That Keeps on Giving. Those who are generous of spirit, and give often of themselves, tend to be the recipients of gifts. They not only receive love and gratitude but they are showered with opportunities and invitations. It is not a stretch to say, when we practice giving, we are given the gift of receiving.

Giving can be done anywhere, anytime and to anybody. It does not require wealth, hours of preparation or is not a response to a special occasion. It’s as simple as a thank you, smile or act of kindness. Its impact is immediate and enormous, even if we do not see it. It will lift a person’s spirits, relieve them of their suffering, motivate them to try again and alter the trajectory of both of your lives.

Giving costs nothing and multiplies everything. It is infinitely renewable and always available. It is the easiest thing to give and can never be lost. When in doubt (as to what to do or say) giving generously is the best option — in every situation.

Each of us has our unique ways to give. In casual situations, it may be kind words or your place in line. At work you may bring pastries to a meeting or acknowledge excellence. With friends, a handwritten note, special lunch or impromptu declaration of gratitude.

When we practice any of these, we discover The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

Just For Today: Ask yourself what you can Give to everyone you meet and what you can Give to every situation you find yourself in. Ask yourself, “What is my Gift to Give today?”

The truth is, Anything Can Happen … Anything, There are always infinite possibilities and every reason to be optimistic. As we age, our expectations may grow tarnished, but we always have the freedom to make a decision to practice the daily renewal of our optimism through self-reflection and meditation. 

It is in our growing awareness of our inner reality that we recognize the limitations we’ve placed on the possible futures awaiting us. It is in the deeper awakening to our spiritual life that we become inspired by all of the Anything’s that can happen. With no shortage of possibilities, there is plenty of room for all of our dreams — big and small. 

n a world of infinite possibilities there are infinite ways for them to arrive — synchronistic conversations, an article in a magazine, an invitation to a class, a childhood memory of a passion set aside. We remain most receptive to all the Anything’s by keeping ourselves healthy, alert and energetic. We must surround ourselves with inspiring people and places and reach out beyond our comfort zone into the unknown! 

When we show up for life with gratitude for what we have, an open mind for what can be, and a renewed respect for the mysteries that yet exists, we realize we are never too old to live in a world where Anything Can Happen.

Just For Today: Make a list of 5 Anything’s that are possible. Today or in the near future you might get married, start a new business or be hired to lead opera tours.

Fortune Cookies

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